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LeChaim – To Life

Embracing Holocaust Survivors in Israel

with practical assistance and intergenerational meetings

 The Project "Lechaim- To Life" 

The mission of our project is to promote the human spirit in His image

  Through the joy that comes from meaningful Jewish endeavors.

Hello and nice to meet you! We wish to present to you - managers of educational institutions, community organizations and even individuals who might be interested- a unique project which has already been changing lives for the past 15 years, out of the media spotlight, quietly doing wonders for the people involved.

Fifteen years ago we decided to set up a unique project - designed to bring together youth, both before and during their military service, and Holocaust survivors through regular meetings. The uniqueness of this project is reflected in several important parameters:

This is an annual project which consists of meetings and regular visits with teens and young adults. The goal of our project is not to teach the next generation about the suffering or victimization of the survivors, but rather to elevate and strengthen the life forces of both the survivors and the young people. The point of the meetings is not delve specifically into the Holocaust itself or even history, although, it is certainly possible. The main goal is to celebrate life here and now and the ability at any moment to choose a better, more meaningful life. The young people are trained at the beginning of the year by the "Lechaim" staff, but they have a broad space to discover for themselves the vital  and wonderful forces of unconditional heart to heart communication!!!    This relationship miraculously brings out wonderful life forces which were hidden but not extinguished !!! The regularity of the meetings opens hearts and slowly brings out personal strengths. This is a gentle and patient project. The changes are not immediate but rather long-term, as a result patience and persistence over the course of the year. The participants experience a true sense of mission, which builds their character and causes spiritual growth. The benefits of the project are great especially for the the young people who are committed to the survivors. We call them  "Holocaust victors"! Indeed, they are as that. 


This is an annual and consistent project where regular visits are held for young people, most of whom are members of pre-military preparatory courses

There are several points that are unconditional requirements for affiliates this amazing project: 

  1. Participants must understand that this is not a one-time project. This is can be a major issue considering that the current younger generation is typically selfish, materialistic, fast,  impulsive and technological.

2. Commitment is the beginning of human communication: heart to heart, and eye to eye, with mutual dialogue between the parties concerned.

3. Very important !  this is a collaboration between educational institutions and "Lechaim". It requires close collaboration  between representatives of the two institutions to coordinate the visits and closely monitor the project together.

4. Mutual responsibility and concern for others are the elixir of life, of which our generation is in great need.

5. Punctuality and regularity of the meetings. This is a sign of consideration which is not very obvious in our generation.

6. The "Holocaust victors" must be accompanied week by week, until their last day.

7. We celebrate Israeli holidays in a dignified manner with our precious "Holocaust victors".

8. We take care, according to our ability, to provide good, nutritious food to the ones who need it. We provide heaters and air conditioners, renovate homes if necessary (we've done it with dozens of homes) and help with any other request according to our ability

9. We are privileged to work with at-risk youth. These encounters with such youth and the close collaboration between our representatives and the professionals of the institutions, changes these young people's visions of themselves from being victims to being winners.

10. It is equally or even more important, this is a human project to strengthen unity and deepen cooperation, and to naturally strengthen the relationship to and love  of our land, in the spirit of "Love your neighbor as yourself".

11. The project deals less with demoralization, but rather commemoration and learning how to do better to avoid another Holocaust, so that it will never happen again. To do this we must of course strengthen our identity as Israelis, as Jews, but especially as human beings !!!

We see this project as a blessing, and again it is essential to remember the main idea is not to remain miserable or to be a victim, but to choose life! And it has been working for 15 years.

We would be happy to come anywhere in the country and abroad to tell the story of how "Lechaim" was born and about this unique project, accompanied by modest presentations that speak for themselves.

We'd love to receive feedback and gain new partners in this wonderful project.

Finally, we live in a superficial and technological age. There is a lot of emptiness, especially among the youth. This project gives true meaning to life, changes the mindset and reaches the heart of all those involved.


We look forward working together with you to achieve these goals.

Sincerely, Daniel Braun Head of the "Lechaim" project 

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