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LeChaim – To Life

Embracing Holocaust Survivors in Israel 
with practical assistance and intergenerational meetings

Our Mission

LeChaim’s slogan is “To life, for life!” We believe that Holocaust survivors should live their last years in comfort and with respect, surrounded by warmth and friendship. We aim to remove their feelings of worthlessness, of being cast aside, while giving our youth, our future leaders, the opportunity to be inspired by them. 

Today, there are estimated to be about 80,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel, many in conditions of great poverty. This figure represents 30% of all (global) living survivors, most of whom are aged between 75 to 95 years old. Many of them do not know where to turn for help and assistance, so their needs go unheard or ignored. Many live alone, with no family to turn to for companionship and aid.

Yet in our program, the people we work with are all called ‘Holocaust winners’ - to honor the battle they have indeed won and their contribution to Israel. Surviving a camp or ghetto and then resettling in the Promised Land of Israel are remarkable feats no short of a miracle. They have fought for our independence and fought again in subsequent wars. They have helped build our new homeland and since 1948 have continued to contribute to make Israel what it is today! They deserve our utmost respect for their heroism.

“LeChaim has been helping these special people out of love and passion, and every interaction is very personal,” says LeChaim director Daniel Braun.

Our Projects

How can you be part of this program?
Erna and Moses with Amit and Eden
Adi with Jaffa
Israel in Rosh Pina with Dutch frieds
EliRam happy with the letter with stamps from friends from Holland
The cake with 94 candels for Israels birthday
Yechiam and Eliza lightning the candels
מקבלים מזגן ומאושרים
Or and Yuval with Lilian
Gizela and Hodaya
Winners in Kiryat Shmona and students of M.Baruch
Goodbye party in Chazor
Yechiam and Eliza lightning the candels
How can you be part of this program?
How can you be part of this program?
How can you be part of this program?

How can you be part of this program?

LeChaim spends on average $200 per month for each Holocaust survivor. 
You can help by becoming part of the growing LeChaim family in Israel by giving a monthly donation to finance this program.

Contact us to ask about special campaigns and programs that might interest you.

LeChaim is a registered nationwide organization, established in 2002 and operating in six cities around Israel, including Jerusalem. Our volunteers are mainly from post-high school army preparatory programs, with a group from the Scouts in Jerusalem. 

LeChaim is a small organization. All funding is from donations and we have no government support. We do not have offices and keep overhead and operating costs to a minimum, so that every donation really makes a difference to the Holocaust survivors and impacts the lives of our amazing young volunteers. 

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