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   The vision of Amutat "LeChaim"

The vision of Amutat   "Lechaim"

In Israel these days, live about 75,000 Holocaust survivors, many of whom are lonely and find it difficult to survive. The Israeli foundation "Lechaimtolife" has been helping these special people for over 12 years. “We do this, out of love and passion, and every interaction is very personal” says Daniel Braun, Director of LechaimtoLife…Each one  of the people we help is a member of the L'Chaim family. In our program the people we work with are all called Holocaust winners to both honor the battle they have indeed won and their contribution to Eretz Yisroel..
Every Holocaust survivor has performed many feats. To survive a camp or ghetto, and then resettle in the Promised Land of Israel is a remarkable feat , not short of a miracle. They helped to build our new homeland and since1948 have continued to contribute to make Israel what it is today!

They fought for our independence and fought again in subsequent wars. They deserve our utmost respect for their heroism.

Lechaimtolife, is a small organization with a number of passionate volunteers who adopt individual heroes of the Holocaust  Through personal interaction they strive to enhance their lives with dignity.

Annual program with the youth
Lechaim-to-life, give hands and feet to the prophecy of Malachi 4: 4-6:   "The hearts of fathers, shall turn to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers ..."

Lechaim-to-life, is fulfilling  the prophecy of Malachi: "The hearts of fathers,shall turn to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers ..." (Malachi 4: 4-6)

We do this by connecting young Israeli youth with Shoah winners. Every school year, we recruit dozens of highly motivated young people who make  weekly visits at the winners’ homes, Recognizing the awesome task that these young men and woman are undertaking, they are provided with guidance, supervision and support for their weekly visits,   These motivated young people, have a very positive effect on the elderly and have  developed a lasting family-like  relationship that nurtures both winners and students beyond the visit. The relationship s are reciprocal. Their loneliness is gone. They are surrounded by a growing family of young people who love them. And the elderly, then awaken in the young people a yearning for  'Zion' and a love of Eretz Israel. As young people become aware that they now, our  torchbearers taking' via their care of  Holocaust survivors, Israel will be a nation that is capable of bringing light to the nations of the world.

Our work is still growing!
And for that reason we are looking for new sponsors for our  'Holocaust winners” .

Last autumn we opened a new branch in Modiin, encouraged by Shir, one of our students from Mayan Baruch.Shir is with us now, helping to set up a branch in Tsfat. This year, for the first time, students from the Mechina Baram school

will participate in Chatzor,a newly opened branch. Students from Mechina Kfar HaNassi also will adopt a group of Holocaust winners from Tunisia.

How can you participate in this program ? 


Lechaim to life spends on average 150 - 200 $       per month for each winner. You can help by becoming a part of a growing family in Israel by donating a monthly amount to finance this program One time donations are also welcome to support additional activities that we undertake during this year. We focus 100% on direct support for the winners of the Holocaust with your help. You can read how we allocate this money in here.

Lecahim-to-life is a small organization, without offices , and we keep operating costs- as low as possible.

Your donations are tax deductible.
Come to Israel and see the work of Lechaimtolife

You are welcome to visit and see the work of Lechaimtolife in Israel. You can arrange the visit with the undersigned prior to coming. It is also possible to combine your visit to Holocaust survivors with an educational tour in Israel for one or more days.


Thank you for taking your time  to learn about our important work. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best.

Please send your donations to:

Account Name: Amutat “Lechaim”
Address: Moshav Keshet, Ramat HaGolan, 12410, Israel
Bank Name: Bank Mizrachi
Bank Address: Jerusalem, Israel
Account Number: 290850
Bank: 20
Branch: 458
Swift Number: Mizbilit
IBAN: IL020204580000000290850


Those that would like to send a check please contact -
so we can make sure you get a tax credit.     


Thank you

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