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As of a report published in Ha'aretz in May 2016, one in five Holocaust survivors had to give up food or medicine in the past two years due to economic distress.

It is our right and obligation to care for them, to be there for them and to make sure that they live their lives with dignity.

"והשבת לב אבות על בנים, ולב בנים על אבותם"

(מלאכי ג',כד')

ל הרגיש
ח דוות
י צירה
י הודית
מ שמעותית

Your donation will help us adopt another holocast winner to LeChaim family

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Account Name: Amutat “Lechaim”
Address: Moshav Keshet, Ramat HaGolan, 12410, Israel


Bank Name: Bank Mizrachi
Bank Address: Jerusalem, Israel
Account Number: 290850
Bank: 20
Branch: 458
Swift Number: Mizbilit
IBAN: IL020204580000000290850


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